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Due Diligence Services - Buying Veterinary Practice 

veterinary practice acquisition

There's a lot to consider when buying a veterinary practice. What does their patient base look like? Is the equipment in good working order? Why is the owner selling? Considering these questions, and many others, are all part of appraising the value of a veterinary practice called due diligence. To properly evaluate a potential investment you must examine the right aspects of the practice. But most buyers don't know everything to look out for and aren't qualified to assess the financials themselves. So at Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC, we use our knowledge and experience in veterinary practice acquisition to provide due diligence services. We know what questions to ask, how to analyze the financial records, and how to spot any red flags during the process.

Our job is to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting before entering into an agreement. Transparency is key to making the right offer so we review the facts provided by the seller or practice broker to see if they portray an accurate representation of the business. We’ll research, probe, and scrutinize all the financial data and determine what to look for when you visit the practice so you’re confident that you’re making a sound investment. You can count on us to clearly explain all your options and walk you through each step to ensure that your acquisition is both financially rewarding and tax-efficient.

Find out how we can help you make a successful veterinary practice acquisition. To get started, contact us now at 303-398-7099 or request your free consultation online now.

Due diligence services for vets:

  • Minimizing risk
  • Analyzing reporting earnings and cash flow
  • Evaluation of profit and loss statements
  • Reviewing accounting systems
  • Identifying potential off book assets and liabilities
  • Evaluating the quality of internal controls and management routines